Introducing new product of Paint Protection Film SPF Perfect Guard Brand.

Our newly launched product is a premium paint protection film brand “SPF Perfect Guard”.
Since we have good relationship with our PPF manufacturer in Korea, Fuji Chemi Thai is allowed to be the importer of SPF brand.
We are trying to introduce this product to many of car wrap shops in Bangkok.
In addition, we got approval from our targeted customer to do the installation test of PPF by applying to their cars, and the result is satisfied.

Fuji Chemi Thai office.

We have been continuing to improve and upgrade both Hardware & Software of our database and internet system with our IT support team.
This improvement can allow our office members to work from home during the crisis and the most important benefit is that we can serve our customers well without any barrier.

2019/6/26-28 6th Health & Beauty Goods Expo Tokyo

6th Health & Beauty Goods Expo Tokyo" was held at Tokyo Big Sight, and our company exhibited as a Japanese agent for Thai soap and spa brand MAITHONG. At the booth, we exhibited MAITHONG products such as natural soap, and enjoyed the soothing herbal scents not only of soap but also of body soap and massage oil.
Thank you very much to everyone who came during the exhibition.